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Spring Rolls

Traditional Spring Rolls (2)    4.75

Poached shrimp & pork

Gỏi cuốn tôm thịt



Shrimp Spring Rolls (2)    4.75

Poached Shrimp

Gỏi cuốn tôm

Tofu Spring Rolls (2)   4.50

and Fried tofu, jicama carrots

Gỏi cuốn


Char-grilled Pork or Chicken Spring Rolls (2)   4.95
Marinated pork or chicken

Thịt nướng cuốn / gà nướng cuốn


Char-grilled Rib Eye Beef Spring Rolls (2)    5.95
Marinated rib eye beef

Bò nướng cuốn


Grilled Sugarcane Shrimp Spring Rolls (2)   5.50
Ground shrimp wrapped around sugarcane and grilled

Chạo tôm cuốn

Grilled Fish & Ginger Spring Rolls (2)   5.50

White fillets, purple mint and browned shallots

Cá nướng cuốn


Saigon Star’s Double Delight (2)   5.50
Crispy egg rolls wrapped in spring rolls

Gỏi Cuốn đặc biệt




Char-grilled Pork or Chicken    5.75
Bánh mì thịt hoậc gà


Fried Tofu    5.25
Bánh mì đậu hủ chay


Char-grilled Rib Eye Beef    6.50
Bánh mì bò