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Egg Rolls   7.50
6 Crispy egg rolls served with fresh lettuce and mint

Chả giò


Salt & Pepper Calamari   9.95

Crispy calamari tossed w/ scallions and browned garlic

Mực chiên dòn


Salt & Pepper Wings   8.75
Crispy chicken wings lightly tossed in our special spice mix

Cánh gà chiên dòn


Salt & Pepper Shrimps   9.95
Lightly battered shrimps tossed in our special spice mix

Tôm chiên dòn


Crispy Seasoned Tofu Pieces   7.50
Lightly battered tofu served w/ a red vinegar soy sauce

Đậu hủ chiên dòn


Crispy Wontons   8.50
A savory mixture of pork & chicken

Hoành thánh chiên




Soups & Salads

Wonton Soup   4.75
Savory mixture of ground pork & chicken in our homemade chicken broth

Hoành thánh súp


Hot & Sour Soup   4.75
Chicken, tofu & mushrooms in our homemade chicken broth

Súp chua cay


Spicy & Sour Shrimp Pineapple Soup  5.75
w/ tomatoes, bean sprouts, mushrooms 
and taro root


Green Papaya Salad    8.25

w/ Beef Jerky or Shrimp

Shredded green papaya in a sweet tangy red vinegar soy sauce topped w/ purple



Teriyaki Black Sesame Salmon   12.95
w/ tangy fruit soy sauce dressing w/ spring salad


***Prices are subject to change without prior notice***